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Name Number Engine Type
Castor Oils
FK-100 Kart Racing Oil 100 2-cycle
Excell 0W/5 454 4-cycle
"Ultra" Racing Castor 455 2-cycle
"Green Label" Racing Castor 460 2-cycle
Racing Castor SAE 45 465 4-cycle
Racing Castor SAE 35(Light) 465L 4-cycle
Watercraft Racing Castor 475 2-cycle
"Gold Label" Racing Castor/Power Booster 485 2/4-cycle
Outboard Castor 499 2-cycle
"Green" Racing Castor 4600 2-cycle
Fuel Additives
Power Booster 490
Fuel Oil-Top End Lube 501
Gear Oils
Gear Lubricant 70W/90 495
Gear Lubricant 40W/50 495L
Mineral Oils
SB Excell 20W/50 464 4-cycle
Pro MB II Mineral Lube 470 2-cycle
Synthetic Oils
Synzall Synthetic Racing Oil 340 2-cycle
Maintenance Fluids
Chain Lube (14oz. Spray Can) 500
Brake Fluid DOT 4 (12oz. Bottle) 505
Traction Treatment 555
Conversion Fluid 469

Formula Kart 100

FK-100 Kart Racing Oil

Formulated with the high load-bearing qualities of Blendzall Castor and the clean burning properties of synthetics. Developed and proven by the World Championship Kart Team. Race proven in excess of 20,000 RPM. Provides maximum performance by reducing friction and extending operating temperature level without seizures. Cleanest burning CASTOR BASED KART OIL available.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 100
4 Gallons 100G

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Excell Racing Motor Oil 10W-30 4-Cycle

#454 Excell SAE 0W/5

     The finest small engine, high outout 4-cycle kart oil available. Specifically formulated for the high load demands of alcohol burning kart enignes. A "Legal Blend" that contains no aromatic blenders. Ultra light viscosity for minimum windage with a superior film strength for maximum protection. Protects at higher cylinder head temperatures (30 degrees Farenheit average) for more horsepower with the chance or tightening up and slowing down. One blend for qualifying and racing, blends better with alcohol reducing the chance of galling and seizures while extending change intervals for cost savings.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 454
4 Gallons 454G

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Ultra Racing Castor 2-Cycle

#455 "Ultra" Racing Castor

     The ultimate racing oil developed for the new generation of higher-revving 2-stroke engines. The latest in anti-friction and Extreme Pressure (EP) additives allow maximum horsepower while practically eliminating engine wear.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 455
4 Gallons 455G

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#460 "Green Label" 2-Cycle Racing Castor

     The "original", formulated from the cleanest-burning castor. Blends with gasoline or methanol to provide sustained performance at high internal temperatures and RPMS. Contains a rust inhibitor and seal preservative. Seperation may occur with some gasoline in temperatures below 50 degrees Farenheit. Add 2 oz. #490 Power Booster to one gal. gasoline to eliminate seperation.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 460
4 Gallons 460G

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#465 4-cycle Racing Castor 45W

      Highest and purest grade, cleanest burning degummed castor oil made today. Formulated to prolong engine life under the most severe racing conditions by reducing wear to vital engine parts in all gasoline/alcohol high-performance 4-cycle air- or water-cooled engines.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 465
4 Gallons 465G
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#465L 4 Cycle Racing Castor (Light) 35W

     The same race-proven formula as our #465 Racing Castor for those preferring a lighter weight.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 465L
4 Gallons 465LG

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#475 Watercraft Racing Castor

     A watercraft racing oil specifically formulated for the extreme demands of watercraft racing. Made from the purest degummed castor and contains additives for easy mixing, rust protection, and superior lubrication. Clean burning allows for stall-free takeoffs, increased plug life, and cleaner water boxes.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 475
4 Gallons 475G

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#485 "Gold Label" Racing Castor/Power Booster

     Ideal for converting pump gas to racing fuel. Racetrack results and dyno tests verify increased horsepower and lower operating temperatures. Contains 5 oz. of Blendzall #460 Racing Castor.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 485
4 Gallons 485G
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#499 Outboard Racing Castor

     Provides superior lubrication for increased performance and extended motor life. The ideal lubricant to use with alcohol and nitro fuels as well as gasoline and gasohol without seperation.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 499
4 Gallons 499G

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#4600 "Green" Racing Castor

     The finest race-proven 2-cycle racing castor oil available in the world. Unsurpassed in quality and race winning performance. Formulated from the finest castor oil base stock and containing the latest in Extreme Pressure (EP) and clean burning additives. For use in all high RPM 2-cycle racing engines. Ideally suited for use with unleaded racing gasoline. Race proven in excess of 20,000 RPM.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 4600
4 Gallons 4600G

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#490 Power Booster

     Boosts octane of gasoline while increasing horsepower. Equally effective with pump or racing gas. Dyno- and race-proven.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 490
4 Gallons 490G

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#501 Fuel Oil/Top End Lube

     A top end fuel lubricant formulated to eliminate wear associated with burning alcohol and low-lead gasolines. Extreme pressure and heat seeking qualities eliminate valve guide, fuel pump, piston ring, and super charger wear. Provides engine rust protection for extended storage periods. Not legal or recommended for highway use.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 501
4 Gallons 501G

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#495 Gear Lube SAE 70W/90

     A race proven, multi-vis gear lube that is both anti-foaming and non-corrosive. Provides smoother shifting and wet clutch protection. Redueces transmission temperature while increasing bearing and gear life. Ideal for transmissions, shaft drives, and lower outboard units. Meets military specs MIL-L-2105B

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 495
4 Gallons 495G

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#495L Gear Lube SAE 40W/50

     The same race-proven formula for those desiring a lighter viscosity

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 495L
4 Gallons 495LG

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#464 Super Bike Excell SAE 20W/50

     A premium based multi viscosity racing oil. SB Excell has been formulated to protect your engine during the extreme demands of all out competition. Contains the latest in EP (Extreme Pressure) and anti-friction additives. High resistance to thermal and foaming break down. Recommended for all 4-cycle engines, burning alcohol, gasoline, and nitro fuels in racing or high performance applications.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 464
4 Gallons 464G

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#470 Racing MB II

     The mineral oil developed and proven in motorcross competition. Refined from the highest grade ashless oil to burn pratically smoke-free. Excellent for both injection and premix application. NMMA-approved.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 470
4 Gallons 470G

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#340 Synzall Synthetic Racing Oil

     100% synthetic racing oil. Synzall is formulated for high rpm two stroke racing engines. Contains the latest in additives for reduced friction and wear. Clean combustion properties of synthetic oil; To keep spark plugs, combustion chamber, and rings free of carbon build up.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 340

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#500 Chain Lube

     A racing chain lubricant with high film strength and the unique ability to cling to metal without washing off. Protects standard and O-ring chains from wear and corrosion. Available in 14 oz. spray cans.

Available in: Part Number
12 Cans 500

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#505 High Performance Brake Fluid

Blendzall DOT-4 race formula brake fluid has been designed to withstand the extreme demands of competition or just add a margin of safety to high performance street use. It meets or exceeds the requirements of all leading foreign or domestic vehicle companies for both drum and disc systems. Blendzall's Dot-4's high boiling point 499 degress Farenheit resists fading as compared to other conventional brake fluids while wet boiling point of 317 degress Farenheit gives protection for the long haul. It surpasses federal standard 116 and federal specs, SAE J1703 and VVB-680. It mixes equally well with DOT-3 and DOT-4 fluids. Available in 12oz. bottle.

Available in: Part Number
12 Pints 505

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#469 Conversion Fluid

A detergent-flushing oil used to convert 4-cycle engines to castor from synthetic or petroleum oils. Removes gummy deposits and prevents congealing.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 469
4 Gallons 469G
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#555 Traction Treatment

      Reinstates chemicals into race tires that are lost when tires are heated. Restores original softness.

Available in: Part Number
12 Quarts 555

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