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Blendzall #454 Excell - 4 Cycle Castor

Blendzall #454 Excell - 4 Cycle Castor


The finest small engine, high-output 4-cycle karting castor oil available. Ideal for Briggs-type karting engines with dip system/no oil pump. Also, suited for Quarter Midgets race cars. Ultra light viscosity (0w/5) for minimum windage with a superior film strength (lubes like a 80w/90) for maximum protection. Protects at higher cylinder head temperatures (30 degrees Fahrenheit average) for more horsepower. Also blends with alcohol reducing the chance of galling and seizures while extending change intervals for cost savings. A "legal blend" that contains no aromatic blenders.

*Windage refers to parasitic drag on the crankshaft due to sump oil splashing on the crank train during rough driving, and/or dissipating energy in turbulence from the crank train moving the crankcase gas and oil mist at high RPM.