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Blendzall #465 Four-Cycle Racing Castor

Blendzall #465 Four-Cycle Racing Castor


Blendzall #465 is the only castor-based four-cycle racing engine oil available in the United States. Like the once famous Castrol R, Blendzall #465 is formulated to prolong engine life under the most severe racing conditions by reducing wear to vital engine parts in all gasoline/alcohol high-performance 4-cycle air- or water-cooled engines. Using the highest and purest grade, cleanest burning degummed castor base, Blendzall #465 provides excellent boundary lubrication, much better than that achieved by other lubriciants. The molecules of castor oil are adsorbed to the metal surface, creating the ultimate in film strength. Great for rod and main bearings, all needle type bearings, or other high friction areas.

*Recommended: When switching to Blendzall #465 from other petroleum or synthetic oil, you what to flush the old oil from your engine. Please use Blendzall #469 Conversion Fluid for this process.