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Blendzall #495 HY-SPEED Gear Lube

Blendzall #495 HY-SPEED Gear Lube


Race proven multi-viscosity gear lube for transmissions, gearboxes, rear ends, outboard lower end units and shaft drive bevel gears. HY-SPEED is anti-foaming, non-corrosive and contains EP (extreme pressure) compounds to assure perfect performance. HY-SPEED follows the gear teeth and reduces gear box temperatures by reducing friction. Greatly improves shifting. SAE 80W provides high performance clutch and transmission protection in liquid-cooled and air-cooled 2-stroke applications. HY-SPEED utilizes a high quality ester/mineral-based formula preferred by top engine builders and racers over synthetics because it prevents clutch plate glazing.

* Premium gearbox oil for 2-stroke engines

* Reduces metal-to-metal contact

* Reduces temperatures dramatically

* Provides thicker oil films between gear teeth

* Ester/Mineral formula prevents clutch plate glazing


Not a motor oil, and not recommend for hypoid gears