Blendzall, Inc.


We're not the best known racing lubricant in the world. Just the best. Here's why serious racers use Blendzall:

1. Exclusive Formulation

     A premium racing lubricant using only the finest degummed castor oil as its base, Blendzall's proprietary additives form chemical "hooks" that bond to metal surfaces. A special blending catalyst makes Blendzall the only racing castor to mix permanently and perfectly with gasoline and methanol. Together, these ingredients form the most effective racing lubricant on the market, providing you with consistently high performance, lap to lap.

2. Clean Burning

     Unlike most commercial oils, Blendzall burns 100% clean, actually removing power-robbing deposits that foul plugs and rings.

3. Stable Viscosity

     Unlike other oils, Blendzall maintains its viscosity from -30 degrees Farenheit to 500 degrees Farenheit to ensure a high film strength throughout the race.

4. Heat and Friction Reduction

     Blendzall's unique formulation causes it to flow directly to the critical, high-temperature areas for greater cooling and prevention of metal galling. Closer clearances are possible for greater engine efficiency.

5. Proven Results

     Dynamometer tests, as well as World Land Speed records and National Championships, have convinced thousands of hard-core racers that greater speed and horsepower can be acheived using Blendzall.

  MARTINS FERRY, OHIO -- Blendzall is made with castor oil which is the ultimate in lubrication. This is because castor goes to the heat, which is internal high friction, which reduces wear and increases power. Blendzall also mixes with alcohol, gasoline and nitro.

     Blendzall offers several different products lines. One is the 455 Ultra-Oil injected castor for 2-stroke engines; the other is the 501 Fuel Oil-Upper end lubrication for 4-stroke engines.

     Blendzall dominated the 1995 North American Karting Championships in the Formula A and the Formula Super A classes under the Italian drivers of Kali Rotax Karting and Jolly Karting.

     Larry Eagle and Jim Parsons are the owners of Blendzall. Ray Hook started the company in 1959 when he noticed that kart racers were having trouble with their engines. The main problem was that the engines would not finish a race on petroleum based oil. Ray Hook developed a formulation to use castor oil, because of its unique feature of going to the heat, thus allowing the engine to live longer.

     Blendzall's business hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Blendzall offers a free catalog that is updated yearly, so be sure to inquire about it.

     Blendzall oils are the ticket to longer life and better performance from your engine.

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